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Trusted by companies worldwide, Ditio's digital solutions help workers stay on top of complex civil construction requirements, while providing project managers with the live data and insights needed to make more informed choices for their projects, company, and clients.



HI Entreprenører

Ditio Core app simplifies the workday. We now gather enhanced project data, leading to increased project efficiency. The company gains from real-time data for informed decision-making. Collected data is also available via APIs

Eirik Strander, Director IT & Digitalisation



All the most profitable heavy construction projects in Skanska have been run with Ditio the last years

Lars Horn, Skanska Norway Digital



Ditio should become the industry standard. They understand heavy construction and provide a system for data collection that works across different machines and equipment

Lars Rune Nygård, IT Manager



Now we have real-time data. The industry's challenge is ensuring middle management maximizes its potential!

Trond Valeur, Regional Director Skanska


Vassbakk & Stol

With Ditio, everything is registered, so it becomes easy for those in the office to see how much has been moved and how much time is spent per load

Ståle Martin Grinde. Vassbakk & Stol


AF Group

Project experience show that from day two with Ditio, we could select the optimal and most profitable set-up of trucks in our earth moving operation

Kristen Petillon, Project Management Autonomous Heavy Equipment



Ditio has set the standard on how to do hourly registration in Veidekke

Gunnar Tronstad, IT Manager


Core provides total project control, offering an overview of all construction activities, including live tracking of resources and crew.


Flow provides managers of large mass haul projects with the live information and data-driven insights they need to orchestrate efficient and effective logistics.

Save time and money by combining Core and Flow

Core and Flow share information seamlessly, offering total project control and forming an all-in-one solution for the civil construction industry. Get in touch to learn more about the benefits of combining Core and Flow.

Get going with Ditio in a matter of minutes

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, both Ditio applications can be set up in just 20 minutes, helping you save time, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact.

We have worked with the industry's biggest names, managing thousands of field workers and hundreds of subcontractors.

AF Consturction
HI Entreprenører
Vassbakk & Stol

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