Providing total project control, with an overview of all construction activities, including crew insights and live tracking of resources.

World leading earthworks application

Ditio Flow offers a mixed fleet mass haul solution that's simple to set up with a standard tablet device and allows drivers to be operational in minutes. It provides live data and production information immediately, meaning managers can take action to improve their operations instantly.

How it Works

Make the most of mass hauling

Live-capture and documentation

Track and document each and every trip effortlessly. Collect and utilise high-quality data for all loads, machines, and people involved in the job, including mass types, weights, timestamps and GPS information.

GPS-based documentation

Detailed mass reports at your fingertips

Simple APIs stream data to in-house systems

Instantly connect data to models and BIM viewer

Mapping and visualisation

Flow’s advanced mapping and geofencing features help project managers to visualise and monitor transportation routes, including location, speed, and distance travelled.

Inbuilt map for instant overview of mass moved

Driver warnings in no-dump geofenced locations

Custom map layers for road models and orthophotos

Live map with moving machines and trucks

Optimisation and efficiency

Together, Flow's tools help to ensure that production is optimised, materials are transported efficiently, work orders are completed on time and within budget, and invoicing is correct.

Calculate mass moved per hour, day, or shift

Identify bottlenecks in production instantly

Catch and correct delays on the fly

Driver prompts for available loaders and next truck arrival times

Pricing plans


Three month free trial

Live-capture and documentation

Mapping and visualisation

Efficiency and optimisation

25 EUR / per vehicle per month

No credit card required


Three month free trial

Live-capture and documentation

Mapping and visualisation

Efficiency and optimisation

45 EUR / per vehicle per month

No credit card required

Core and Flow work together seamlessly for an all-in-one solution. Get in touch for more info on pricing and the benefits of combining our products.

Sustainability and ESG

Coming soon

By optimising mass haul transportation, Ditio Flow reduces fuel consumption, helping to make construction sites more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Track fuel consumption for all machines, including subcontractors

Tag fuel consumption for each project activity

Reduce traffic congestion, noise pollution and air pollution

Gather accurate data for automatic sustainability reporting

AI and automation

Coming soon

Transform your project into a data driven construction site with computer-optimised planning and execution for increased efficiency and profitability.

Algorithmically optimised machine mix of loaders and dump trucks

AI-based route planning and bottleneck warnings

Predictive truck arrivals and speed recommendations for driver assist

Auto load and dump without driver input

Get going with Ditio in a matter of minutes

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, both Ditio applications can be set up in just 20 minutes, helping you save time, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact.

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