Photo - Lars Frøystein

Ditio enters into an agreement with Spordrift

Photo - Lars Frøystein

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On Friday 30 April, we entered into an agreement with Spordrift after winning the extensive competition to deliver Spordrift’s new production system.

First Public Procurement

Since Spordrift AS is subject to public procurement regulations, the agreement that was signed is the result of a lengthy formal process.

We are an agile organization with a very high implementation ability and we are used to making things go quickly, even in large organizations. However, this sales process was special for us as it is actually the first time we have participated in a public procurement process.

It was fun to apply for pre-qualification, provide documentation on this and that, prepare long descriptions, and especially to adhere to established award criteria. Of course, it is extra fun when you win. However, now it is time to adjust. We are too busy to sit back and enjoy this victory for long. Now the agreement is signed and it is time to deliver. Delivery is what we like best, and we look forward to starting this.

New Field of Expertise

Ditio has gradually become a preferred actor among the major contractors, including in larger transportation projects. However, track maintenance is an area where Ditio has not delivered much in the past.

Many of our customers have railway departments where the system is actively used, but these have mainly worked on renewal and expansion, and to a lesser extent on railway maintenance. This is natural, since Spordrift AS had a 100% market share in track maintenance, and didn’t become a customer until now.

Track Maintenance Competed Out

From left: Thor Petter Korsmo CEO, Anfinn Line Project Manager Spordrift

Former Thor Petter Korsmo (CEO Ditio), Anfinn Line (Project Manager Spordrift)

At Spordrift, Project Manager Anfinn Line is very pleased with the agreement: “Going forward, the operation and maintenance contracts that are our core business will be competed out, while we have high ambitions in project activity. The new production system is a central piece in our work to become more cost-effective, and we have clear effect targets, including better planning, better production management, an easier workday for employees, and better data basis for pricing competitions. Ditio appears to be a very professionally competent and solution-oriented supplier and has a flexible arrangement for the establishment of the system that is very in line with what we have imagined."

"The expectations for the new production system are many and high. Not only should it solve several of the challenges production faces today, but also ensure that we have better conditions to compete in the competitions ahead. It will affect most production employees.”

Increased Focus on Product Development

Ditio AS has spent a lot of resources on product development in recent years. What a few years ago was a development department consisting of one man, is now a well-functioning organization with about 15 people in operation. We have been willing to take risks and invest in product development rather than short-term profitability. Signing agreements like the one with Spordrift, confirms that we are doing things right, and that we should continue in the same direction. This is good news for our entire customer base.

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