Photo: Lars Frøystein

Ditio Ensures Control from A to Z

Photo: Lars Frøystein

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When the narrow and winding 3.7 kilometers road between Myrmel-Lunde on E39 is upgraded, the software company Ditio plays a key role in ensuring good project management and information flow. In collaboration with Birkeland Contractor, the joint venture between Hirth Himle Contractors AS and Fosse Machine and Transport AS will carry out the development.

In a construction project with many involved, things can quickly become chaotic. Ditio combines working hours, mass relocation, photos, and documentation in beautiful harmony. All information is captured in real-time, ensuring we have a full overview of production progress. This guarantees that we have control from A to Z.

  • Roald Himle, CEO of Hirth Himle Contractors AS.

Ditio is a Bergen-based software company specializing in the construction industry, having developed a platform that improves the flow of information in project execution. The goal is to make the working day on the construction site far more efficient and clear by gathering data on what happens in the projects in real-time. A unique feature of Ditio is that all contractors can easily share information with each other, a useful function when decisions must be made in real-time.

Streamlining the Work Process

When it became clear that the joint venture between Hirth Himle and Fosse, called FH Construction DA, would be a subcontractor and deliver the outdoor facilities on E39 Myrmel-Lunde, they quickly decided to use Ditio as a digital management tool for the project.

For such a large project, a common management platform is most beneficial. We have used Ditio for many years and are very enthusiastic. It is a useful tool that helps us keep track of timekeeping, production, reporting, transport, safety, machine maintenance, and much more.

  • Roald Himle

With Ditio, you get everything from time registration and load lists to live updates with pictures, daily logs, and reports of undesired events. A special module for GPS-based mass transport also facilitates efficient operations and a good overview of locations, speed, volume, and which machines are in use. Ditio provides real-time information and can be connected to the calculation so that project management gets a full overview of how production is progressing. The work leader can thus react immediately to changes in the field or refer back to documentation even after 10 years.

Ditio is intuitive and easy to use for everyone involved in a project, both project managers and skilled workers. With Ditio as our support, we both improve and streamline our work processes. This is the best solution we have found.

  • Harald Even Fosse, CEO of Fosse Machine and Transport AS.

Desired Collaboration

From left- Thor Petter Korsmo, Jøran Jørgensen. From left: Thor Petter Korsmo, Jøran Jørgensen.

The construction project E39 between Myrmel-Lunde includes improvement and rerouting of a 3.7 km road. About one kilometer of tunnel, shorter stretches of drivable pedestrian and bicycle path, bus stops, two intersections, as well as municipal and private access roads, will be built. The joint venture between Hirth Himle and Fosse will perform all outdoor work.

We wanted to establish a joint venture to be competitive in such large tender processes. As companies, we knew each other well, as we previously have hired each other on various projects and experienced that we work well together.

  • Harald Even Fosse

FH Construction DA has, among other things, expertise in VA trenches, digging in difficult terrain, rock securing, masonry, road building, mass transport, and machine transport. Based on live data in Ditio, project managers can quickly react across when challenges arise at the construction site, and ensure increased safety and profitability in the road project.

There are several examples of contractors who have tried to join and cooperate, but failed. And it is clear that it can be challenging in terms of agreement on distribution and such things, but we believe we have found a method that works and both parties are confident in. We believe in a good collaboration and look forward to testing ourselves on this exciting project.

  • Roald Himle

Exciting to Follow Along

The work on E39 started in the summer of 2021. With Ditio as a support, the new road facility between Myrmel-Lunde will be completed in the fall of 2023.

We look forward to following the project, and we look forward to contributing to this becoming another successful road project with Ditio. It is extra exciting when several contractors work together in this way, as we get to show how good we are at company structures and data sharing between companies. With Ditio, neither the wage basis, the invoice basis, nor anything else needs to be registered twice anywhere.

  • Thor Petter Korsmo

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