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After many years in the construction industry, Hans Øyen knows the work with ISO certifications well. With Ditio’s new KS functionality, the process is easier than ever.

Previously, Øyen has filled the role of site manager in companies such as Mesta and Veidekke, as well as worked as a quality manager in Hjellegjerde. His next project on the list, along with the rest of the staff, is to implement three ISO certifications for Opshaug AS by February 2022.

“Opshaug AS has a history that dates back to 1958, and today we have about fifty employees in concrete, construction, crushing and transport,” Øyen explains. He explains that the company’s goal is not to be the largest in the market, but they are constantly working to be a smart and cost-effective operator. Previously, the company used other system solutions, both local and national. But with Ditio, everyday life is different.

“With the Ditio app, all our employees can check in in the morning, and out in the evening. They also document with pictures, RUH, and checklists during the day - down to activities and work orders. We have completely abandoned the old way of working with after registration”

  • Øyen.

With the app, Opshaug AS gets all information in real-time, and it is easy to see whether the employees are at work or not. “Even for a colorblind guy like me, I can see if the employees’ hours are registered,” Øyen laughs and adds: “Absolutely everything is updated every day. It’s simply ingenious!”

A huge advantage

For Opshaug AS, the ambition is now to meet the requirements of three new ISO certifications in quality, environment, and working environment. To reach these goals, Øyen believes it is crucial that the employees only have to relate to one app. “We have built in everything from news to crisis preparedness plans in the app, and see that Ditio works well as a channel out, both with push notifications and feedback from employees. It is the same app used for time recording, communication, and diary - used in quality work and documentation”

Øyen says that he talks to the people in the projects when they do new things, and gladly uses the foremen to spar with. Several of them are keen to deliver checklists and have a great interest in contributing in their leadership role. “The advantage of the Ditio app is that if we make 20 checklists, one project may only need three lists. Then those who are checked into the project only get these three, and don’t have to sit and scroll through 20-30 lists. In Ditio, you only give the employees the relevant lists that are tailor-made for the project. It’s a huge advantage!”

Efficient reporting

Øyen looks forward to bringing the Ditio app with him into further work. “It will be interesting to see what it’s like to manage a certain number of lists. So far it works fine with approval of checklists, the feedback function for employees, and further reporting to customers. We have so far set up documentation in the customer’s project portal, in addition to our own SharePoint structure. It works well, and I look forward to the continuation!”

Ingenious form engine

One of the elements in the KS module that Øyen is most pleased with is the form engine for building checklists.

“It’s absolutely brilliant! Really easy to use, and if you don’t have ready-made templates, it’s not a problem. You easily build your customized checklists that you can reuse.”

At Ditio, we discuss the value of setting up a general library of checklists that can be copied and shared, and Øyen points out that it can be useful for some standard processes, but in many areas, there are no things that fit and you have to make it yourself.

As one of the first testers of the new KS functionality, Øyen also has some specific suggestions for improvements. Among other things, he wishes for a notification when new lists have been received for approval, as well as a simple opportunity to be able to copy selected lists from comparable projects.

We at Ditio are committed to listening to our customers, and promise that these solutions are just around the corner! We would like to conclude by wishing him and the manager of Opshaug AS, Thorstein Sten Gjerde, good luck with the upcoming certification in February!

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