Photo: VilVite
Photo: VilVite

Ditio named entrepreneur of the year

Photo: VilVite

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With major players in the construction industry already on their client list, a packed hall at Grieghallen witnessed Ditio winning the Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Bergen Awards this weekend.

We are grateful for this recognition and it inspires us to continue working hard for our customers!”

  • Thor Petter Korsmo, general manager at Ditio

The justification from the jury reads: “The entrepreneurs in the company have worked purposefully from the start and done most things right in their development of the company. The product has been developed in close collaboration with the customer, and they have been very good at getting major players on board from the start. This has given them important customer insight that they have used to further develop and refine the service to be as good as possible. The service will give actors in the construction industry a detailed live overview of what is actually happening on a construction project. In this way, one can continuously check whether one is earning or losing money in relation to the budget. This provides a significantly lower reaction time when deviations occur. According to the entrepreneurs, the app is the first of its kind to provide such comprehensive data collection for the construction industry. DITIO aims to digitalize and revolutionize the information flow in the construction industry!"

"Now that our customers are truly succeeding in capturing data from the construction site - we see that it provides great opportunities to improve profitability in the projects”

  • Thor Petter

The jury consisted of DNB, Bergen Technology Transfer, Connect Vest, Innovation Norway, and last year’s winner Dyrekassen. The criteria for the “Entrepreneur of the Year” from Bergen Awards include that the company shows positive growth and further growth potential, is innovative, and is an inspiring and good role model for entrepreneurs.

From left: Thor Petter Korsmo CEO, Jacob Christian Døskeland Main developer and Hilde Indresøvde from BTO From left: Thor Petter Korsmo CEO, Jacob Christian Døskeland Main developer and Hilde Indresøvde from BTO

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