From left: Joakim Hetland, Petter Bjelland

The best want to work with the best

From left: Joakim Hetland, Petter Bjelland

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When Bjelland AS is mentioned, it is often in connection with quality, structure, and profitability. And not without reason. Not only are these positively charged themes, but they are critical themes for a company aiming to succeed in the construction industry. They have always been profitable, ever since the founder, Ole Bjelland started the company in 2002. 140 employees later, they aim to set a steady and solid course towards the future.

Bjelland AS has always been solution-oriented and at the forefront when it comes to initiatives to streamline the business. And perhaps this reflects the personality of the founder Ole Bjelland. In 2006, he changed the company’s name from Bjelland Entreprenør to Bjelland AS. Why? Because he was tired of telling people how to spell ‘entrepreneur’. Shortly after, his brother, Petter Bjelland, got involved. Today, he is in charge of marketing in the business. Since then, they haven’t looked back.

”The Ditio app is rock solid and easy to use”

  • Joakim Hetland, CEO Bjelland AS

The importance of systematizing, organizing, and streamlining operations.

Like most industries, the construction industry has also changed and evolved. With it comes a dose of challenges. “The industry has gone from being a driver industry to becoming a documentation industry”, says Petter Bjelland. He and CEO, Joakim Hetland, explain that the day-to-day is now spent on various formalities and documentation requirements. With the fairy tale-like development Bjelland AS has had, combined with the requirements for documentation and visibility, the business has focused more on administration. This has led them to constantly look for systems to systematize, organize and streamline operations. Since the pilot project in January, Ditio has made a big difference in the streamlining and systematization of the company. Joakim calls the app “rock solid and easy to use.”

Hetland talks about today’s biggest challenge; mastering the green transition. “There are limits to how much can be done in our industry, but we make sure to meet the requirements of the highway authority and be best at the measures we take,” says Hetland. Bjelland AS focuses greatly on maximizing the use of their machinery as much as they can, and reducing idling. The company is also good at reusing masses, ensuring that no one takes unnecessarily long trips. With Ditio, they can easily track all loads. Ditio also uses geofencing to register loading and tipping, in addition to tracking driving. By optimizing resource use in terms of man-hours, quantities of material, and driving, Ditio contributes to Bjelland AS’s green shift.

This is why industry experience is so incredibly important

Digitization is high on the agenda for many. However, it is challenging to choose the right partner, as there are a plethora of digital solutions. “Our industry is complex. It is constantly evolving, and we need to adapt accordingly. Therefore, it is important that our partners have experience with the industry and understand us”, comments Joakim Hetland. Eirik Isaksætre at Ditio has been their contact person all along. He has previously worked with construction management at Skanska, both as a project manager and foreman on mass displacement and has been involved in several of their billion-dollar projects. Here he has gained good knowledge related to large complex projects focusing on change work and profitability. With this solid experience, he can work closer and more efficiently with Joakim and Petter at Bjelland AS.

”If you want to get rid of the idiots, you have to create something foolproof”

  • Joakim Hetland, CEO Bjelland AS

”Time recording is not the same for a printing company and a construction company”

Previously, Bjelland AS has actively been looking for external actors to cover their needs for time recording systems and transport logistics. “Without success,” says Joakim, adding that they have tried out several external actors. He continues by saying that there are several solutions tailored for the construction industry, but they lack the depth that is required. “Often, the actors are very good at either one thing or the other, and rarely do they have enough experience from our industry. Ditio ticks all the boxes we are looking for in an external actor,” says Hetland, as he underlines how important the combination of time recording, transport logistics, and familiarity with the industry is for Bjelland AS. “We are very enthusiastic on behalf of Ditio, I can just say that straight away,” adds Petter Bjelland.

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